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As YAVUZLAR GEAR Family Vision;
First, reach to guiding position in domestic and foreign market of the sector,
Become to an example and leader company which high-quality products, timely delivery,
customer satisfaction its own principle,focus developing themselves continuously with staff.

As YAVUZLAR GEAR Family Mission;
Respect  comply exactly of all commercial, ethical and legal rules In line with our vision .
To be a dynamic organization that continuously improving contributions to
customers, employees and relationships with all sectors.
Continuous progressing in the journey to perfect by the principle of continuous improvement
and Total Quality Management philosophy.
Always guarantee quality and continuity at every stageby providing highly competitive, wanted to offer products.
Delivering our commitment to fully  on time.
Manufacturing  with the understanding at once the work fully,as soon as possible,
the lowest cost and best quality by eliminating waste during production.       
Develop to team spirit and cooperation by keeping the high training and motivation of Staff.
Spread quality in all activities and be respectful to environmental .

 Our customers are our benefactor.
 Our employees are the cornerstones of our institutions.
 Quality products and services are entitled of our customers .
 Care to be an example Organization with Superior business ethics, fair and honest behavior.
 Keep the efficiency, effectiveness, productivity and quality to foreground.
 Elongate our activities in transparent, modern and a dynamic structure
 by using the  all of communication tools.   
 Each employe is an active part of our team.

• Yavuzlar Dişli Zincir San. ve Tic. Ltd. Şti. 'S Quality Policy is as follows;
• Provide continuously improvement and development in accordance with Quality management
  and acting with'right first time production' priciple.
• Responding to requests of our customers in the best way.
• Produce the economic machinery spare parts and quality gears
  by Capturing Technology improvements with effective team work.
• We emphasis to education at every level and open communication with our employees.  
• increase our customer count and respond to their demands with our new range of products.
• Trying to be helpful For community, natural environment and humanity.

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